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ART KULIK - President/Co-Founder

Artsiom Vladimirovich Kulik was born in Siberia and raised in Belarus. After garnering international fame as an Olympic Belarussian athlete, he has since moved to Hollywood and ignited a career as an accomplished actor, producer, and businessman in Hollywood. Having been featured in many major network TV shows and international films, and producing award-winning content, Art continues to break down barriers in cinema and procure powerful and engaging content year after year.

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Ashton Bingham comes from Reno, NV, with a background as a working magician. He has since come to Hollywood, and has been working the better part of a decade as a thriving actor, producer and writer. As lead actor and co-creator of Trilogy's award-winning comedic series 'F**kin' Actors,' he has garnered countless acting and producing awards in 2016, and continues to procure unique and engaging content in a wide array of genres. Ashton recently achieved international recognition for a comedic (yet dark) viral video involving a IRS scammer (below).

On-Camera Work:

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