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Follow Chase and Ryan as they navigate Hollywood, one tragic pitfall at a time.



In this quirky, light-hearted, yet brash comedy series, naive actors Ryan Benson and Chase Anderson navigate the treacherous labyrinth of the Hollywood landscape, armed with passion, and well, not much else.


These two lovable goofballs clash as an odd couple of sorts, serving as each other’s polar opposite, but somehow complete one another at the same time. Season one arcs with the introduction of Ryan’s new agent, Victor Vladimirovich, a hot-headed Russian with a short temper, endless energy, and always a shot of vodka at hand.


Each episode documents a single facet of the industry, from networking with scary casting directors, cracking the code of complicated taped auditions, and figuring out how to stay mentally stable, all the while learning the meaning of true friendship and what it really takes to chase your dreams.

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In this gritty, psychological thriller, Nathan and Damien are estranged foster brothers, plagued by the bitter memories of their tragic past. The swelling terror surrounding their hate, lies and secrecy, boils over in this eleventh hour, with a shocking ending that will jolt the masses.





A legally blind woman is being held captive, and must use her limited vision and heightened senses to discern her location and defeat her captor.




Ava, late 20s, startles awake in a dark room, sweaty and out of breath. She’s clearly in unfamiliar territory and scared. Is she dreaming? Unfortunately not. Upon immediate view of her face, we can see cataracts in her eyes, and as soon as we turn to see her point of view, we see that she is legally blind. Objects of clarity are ones 6 inches from her face, and everything beyond is a blurry ocean of dark captivity and indistinct terror.



Ava perilously and carefully glides around her dark and grimy, yet somewhat spacious, housing, as she uses her carefully-tuned and heightened sense of hearing, and while gliding her hands softly over every reachable object. With very narrow depth of field, we can only see what she is able to discern from touching, hearing, and using her very finite vision and confined nearsightedness. Her close (but limited) examination of various hopeful findings, including a locked door, leave her with less and less hope as the minutes tick on.



As time proceeds, we meet her faceless, blurry captor, who is demanding a ransom from her estranged and untrustworthy rich ex-husband. With limited time and only a few monitored phone calls, she must gain her husband’s cooperation. Despite her disability, she must stay alive long enough to outsmart her captor and figure out how to use her disability to her advantage. Her blindness may get her killed, but could also be the one thing that could save her.






At a secluded mountain home reconnecting with her long-lost mother, a woman discovers that her mom’s mental disorder may not have healed from a tragedy 20 years prior, and may be housing something much more evil than she could have ever imagined.




Jill, early 30s, is on her way to reconnect with Esther, her estranged mother. 20 years have separated them, stemming from a childhood tragedy, an abusive father, and Esther’s mental instability. Early on in her seven day stay with Esther, everything seems normal to start. Esther apparently has reached newly acquired clarity, and has been seeing a therapist from whom she’s made major breakthroughs as of late.



However, after the second day, creepy and bizarre things begin to present themselves. Weird noises in the middle of the night, a secret room of the house that’s heavily locked, to which Esther prohibits anyone’s entry, and most of all, the eerie and frightening presence of Esther’s therapist, Dr. Cassidy, when he arrives for his bi-weekly private session with Esther. His deathly stare and off-putting nature make Jill very uncomfortable, and his presence sparks very erratic behavior and sinister activity from Esther in the overnights that follow.



As the week goes on, Esther’s behavior shifts from creepy to dangerous, as the presence of an evil entity in Esther’s mind becomes increasingly apparent. Jill must see passed her newly acquired and long-lost bond with her mother, while she takes evasive action to restrain Esther and get her the help she needs.



Our story ends with an Earth-shattering twist, and a revelation of a distorted reality. Is Esther really who she says she is? Does the therapist have ulterior motives? Jill’s world is turned upside down while she struggles to seek truth, and fights to save her mother from the evil that’s overcoming her.